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  • Up to 33 seated passengers and up to 4 wheelchairs
  • Narrow width – 2278mm
  • Ergonomic drivers area with excellent all round driver visibility
  • M3 tested type approved
  • Constructed to enhance fuel efficiency
  • Modern exterior styling
  • Low floor access through wide entrance door
  • Full air front suspension system and full air 4 springs rear suspension
  • Fully bonded glass
  • Fuel Powered Heating System
  • Aluminium fuel tank
  • Aluminium body structure and quick release panels

Vehicle Specification

Seating Plan

  • Passenger Total Max. Seated Max. Wheelchairs
    31 31 0
  • Passenger Total Max. Seated Max. Wheelchairs
    31 30 1
  • Passenger Total Max. Seated Max. Wheelchairs
    25 21 4
  • Passenger Total Max. Seated Max. Wheelchairs
    33 33 0

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