COVID-19 Thermo Screen

Closing Date: 25/08/20

We are now supplying a COVID-19 Thermo Screen.  This can be used in Offices, Restaurants, Vehicles and many other locations.

  • The system features are as follows:
  • Features include:
  • -Stopping potential virus threats at your door step
  • -Body temperature control
  • -Facial Recognition (with or without mask)
  • -Time & attendance register
  • -Staff location with multi-point devices
  • -Management software
  • -Door control management
  • -Protects your employees from external virus threats
  • -7″ LCD screen with either vehicle, wall mounted or desktop mounts. Stands also available.

Cost of the system is £995 plus vat.  A stand can also be provided at £350 plus vat. Installation support can be provided (price on request)

If this would be of any interest to you please let me know and I can provide more information.